• Dec 19

    Did you miss me?

    It's been several weeks since the last QuickTip, and that's because it's year end and unlike everyone else except retailers, bookkeepers, accountants and QuickBooks consultants are crazy busy. Me too! But I'm not complaining. 🙂

    This new mini-lesson has some cutting-edge info about QuickBooks 2009 that you NEED to know, especially as it relates to this week's topic – working with Online Banking

    If you've been using QuickBooks for a while and want to learn about this time-savings feature, you'll want to consider using the Online Banking to save time and streamline your monthly reconciliations.

    So fasten your seatbelt and play the video lesson now!


    If you are already working with QuickBooks 2009, then you NEED to watch this video, straight from the makers of QuickBooks, before you start using the new (and improved…finally) Online Banking features:

    As always, I'm eager to hear your questions and feedback on this topic.

    Are you using Online Banking yet? Are you hitting any snags? Let's hear about it and work out any wrinkes to improve productivity and accuracy!


    P.S. If you do need to upgrade to QuickBooks 2009 (which is suggested if you are running QuickBooks 2006 or older), I just learned that Amazon is running a very limited time 50% off sale on QuickBooks Pro 2009. Can't beat that!

    Check it out now, before they stop the sale –> QuickBooks Pro 2009

    P.P. S. Here's a bit of late breaking news that I heard about after first posting this lesson.  You CAN beat the price of QuickBooks 2009 being offered by Amazon! How does FREE sound?? Yep, Intuit just announced that you can actually get QuickBooks Pro 2009 for free if you buy it on December 22, 2008 at Staples.

    The regular price at Staples is $199.99. If you buy it on Monday, December 22nd, you will get a $40 “instant savings”, and then a $159.99 mail-in rebate.

    This will only be available through Staples on just that one day. It's likely that you can also get the special offer if you buy online through www.staples.com, although I haven't been able to confirm that yet. Will let you know when I find out for sure. I'll leave a comment to this post on Monday to confirm.

    So, if you need to upgrade, Monday is the day to do it! Plus it will give you an extra tax deduction for your business for 2008! Such a deal. 😉


    Gabrielle Fontaine, PB

    Gabrielle Fontaine, PB is an Advanced Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor who specializes in QuickBooks software training and consulting with small business owners exclusively via the Internet

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